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by Vadim Trochinsky

Download Nornimator (1.4MB)

Installation: download the Nornimator file and unzip it in a folder of its own. Please leave the .dll or .ocx file in the same local folder. DO NOT copy them into the "system" directory!

If there should be any files missing, please mail me.

Download Support File (3.5MB)

This is a standard Visual Basic Installer. Vadim had this one on his site and I put it here only to complete the whole download. Normally I think you shouldn't need it. Be carefull as it might overwrite some system files on your harddisc other programs need to work!!

Nornimator for XP - Beta version

Works for me also on Windows 2000. Please, pay attention to the following:

After installation, an icon will appear on your desktop. After having started the program, click on the "options" button in the left down corner.

Untick the "use image cache" and click on "OK". Now the program is ready to use. ;)


Note: All sprites and body data files have to be installed in the Creatures 3 directory, otherwhise the Nornimator program won't find the data and you get error messages such as "out of range" etc. It seems as if it's possible to let the program find data at another place on your hard disc, but this option doesn't work (at least not for me).

Open the Nornimator program and the window looks like this:

In order to simplify explanations, I parted the nornimator window into four parts. On the picture numbered from 1- 4. Please, have a close look at it, because further on I will only show cutouts of these parts.

1 = window part art where the norn get's drawn
2 = window part where body parts and their dependencies are listed (like in a tree)
3 = window part where you choose drawing options concerning the whole norn
4 = window part where you choose sprites, poses and pigment settings

(window part 4)

1. Click on the sprite of your choice (here : Chichi, male). As you can see, there are the slot letter given (in brackets) and also male or female and the slot species. Means: e.g. the Magmas and the Eskimo, both are on slot "E", but on different species slots, Magmas on Genus "Norn", Eskimos on Genus "Ettin".
If your breed resp. sprite list doesn't look updated, you can download this File. It's called "breeds.txt" . Just replace the file with the same name in your nornimator directory and you get a more updated list with newer breeds.
2. Choose a pose (here: forward down)
3. click on "All", to apply the settins on all norn's body parts
4. click on "set" (if necessary)

(window part 1)

5. click on"make" (if the Norn hasn't drawn already) That's how the drawn norn looks like. If you now click on "save" (green arrow), you can save this picture as a .bmp file!

(window part 3)

6. here you can choose the age stage you want to see your norn drawn in
7. choose here the settings of the face expression of the norn
8. if you tick this, the norn get's drawn with closed eyes. Just above see the settings for "Pregnancy". Choose a high value in order to see how the norn looks pregnant.
(Note: the settings for "hair" cannot be used. Special sprites would be needed for this)

It might be that the norn doesn't get drawn automatically with your changes, then just click on the settings "Set" in the window part 4 and then on the button "make" in window part 1.

More ...

(window part 2)

Here you can see the body parts a norn consists of, listed according to their dependencies. You can mark the singel parts (as shown on the picture above)

1. all parts for the legs are ticked

(window part 4)

2. choose a sprite set of your choice (here: Eskimo)
3. Important! Tick the radio button "Selected" in order to make sure, the settings only get applied to the before chosen body parts! (Besides that you can choose another pose, that will apply also on only the chosen body parts) Maybe you need to click on "Set" as well, to make the new settings actual. But you'll find out soon if you need that or not. Different computers seem to work differently on that....

(window part 1)


Click on "make" and now there's a Chichi norn with Eskimo norn legs!

(window part 2 and 1)


If you tick and untick the single body parts, you might see some gray square underlying the body part (blue arrow pointing to it). This means, that the ticked body part is still "active" and it has the same effect as if the box besides it is ticked. You can see the result beside this window: the norn get's a Eskimo head as well, although the box beside the word "head" isn't ticked! So if you untick a body part, make sure that the underlying gray or blue is really gone by clicking on the text and making it "inactive".

So what can you do now with your knowledge? Well, for instance, you can make the most impossible norn, that you'll never see in your game! Give the norn different sprites for every body part and different poses for them and you'll end up like this norn here:

Find out how many and which different sprites I used for this norn! :-)

A word on colouring ...

(Window 4)


1. Click on the Tab"Pigment" and this empty window will open up. Then click on "Add".

A new dialog will pop up.
2. "Tint" means "colouring" the body part and has a default setting
3. Choose the amount of red, green and blue, from 0 to 255. Here I put the setting to a very bright yellow, meaning a very high value for red and green, very low value for blue.
Then click on "OK".

(windowl 4)


4. As you can see, the colour setting is written in the tab's list.


Since I still had the settings for "right foot" ticked as active from the experiment before, only this body part was coloured, the rest stayed the way it was. Of course, you can colour your whole norn! For this, click in the window part 4 on "All". As long as "Selected" it's chosen, the settings will only apply to the chosen body parts. You can colour each body part differently if you like in order to make your norn look even crazier than before!

Restriction: In the popup dialog, you might have noticed the settings for "Rotation" and "Swap". I'm not going to explain, what this means (the ones who are a bit into the genetics of pigment and pigment bleed genes know anyway), since these features are not working unfortunately. Maybe one day Vadim makes a new version of the nornimator where it is going to work as it does in the creatures game.


Genome Editor
Pigment genes




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